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Privacy by Mike Masnick Fri, Jan 31st Crumb will go to hell or anything crazy like that!

The argument that "well, they're going to find another way to do X anyway, so let's not do anything about the problem" that always shows up in these kinds of articles is a really stupid argument to make, and it's sad how many people continue to make such a logically flawed assertion. Sexy nude asian massage. It may even get you on a registry. Airport naked scanner. Prior to boarding, every passenger must go through this sensitive machine that triggers explosion should the person has cancelled weapons.

There has been some debate about the safety of the scanners, however, the TSA argue that mmw scanners used emit no ionizing radiation. Unless you pack a lot more explosive in your gut than I'd be willing to, or set it off in some critical location, airliners are fairly resilient. Congress, DOJ, are you listening? These machines are no longer in use. Fist of Etiquette 1. DCG31 Jan 1: I still say when they first asked him about that he should have told them that he wasn't going to answer questions that were related to his private life so they need to come back to him when they have questions that related to the business of running the country.

Experts Archived November 20,at the Wayback Machine. Clinton was even on Jeff Epstein list of pedos. Urban decay naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer. Worth International Airport, TSA complaints have been reported to disproportionally stem from women who felt that they were singled out for repeated screening for the entertainment of male security officers.

Associated Press via news. Richard Morin, a medical physicist at the Mayo Clinic has said that he is not concerned about health effects from backscatter x-ray scanners: Will someone please explain WTF Congress is doing investigating professional baseball players for violating MLB's ban on performance enhancing substances?

This just kills privacy. And took many innocent lives. Below are sample images. EPIC cited the invasive nature of the devices, the TSA's disregard of public opinion, and the impact on religious freedom.

As for body scanners they do work if you are trained corrictly the TSA are poorly trained in all things they do from hand searches to queue management.

Think of that time that you drank a quart of tequila and ate tacos from a street vendor in TJ? The TSA did not respond to questions about how much the new machines will cost and how they will be paid for. They're not going to just be forced into leading Boy Scout troops and into the priesthood, they can join the TSA and look at naked, under-aged kids for pay!

Canadian airports with full body scanners — CityNews". I can mostly tell pointers from sitters and who is sweating without the scanner.

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The government like to play the nothing to fear nothing to hide card, yet they demand we hide certain body parts, so there must be some fear about those parts. Hot nude exercise. Pics or it didn't happen And in the end, did the impeachment have anything to do with charges related to Whitewater?

What about female-to-male transsexuals, who sometimes wear a prosthetic penis? Yet today, it's a concern that passengers not have this stuff?

Unlike metal detectorsfull-body scanners can detect non-metal objects, which became an increasing concern after various airliner bombing attempts in the s. The machines used X-rays, a form of ionizing radiation that reflects off of organic material and forms an image, thereby producing an essentially nude photograph of the passenger standing in the scanner.

As always, use of this technology is optional," as passengers can choose a patdown instead. If we insist on preserving what little remains of our privacy, we will remain at risk of a terrorist attack. They do target attractive women and have a rather long list of official sounding "code names" for good looking women so they can alert each other to them while appearing professional.

The actual main purpose of the TSA is to get the people to learn to accept any measure, and to be obedient, in the name of "security".

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Very few of us would be willing to get naked in front of a uniformed agent for the privilege of getting on a plane. Crumb will go to hell or anything crazy like that! See our Commenting FAQ. I refuse to allow three-dimensional electromagnetic images of me to be used for the sexual gratification of pervert airport security staff. Persons with medical or physical conditions that prevent them from undertaking a body scan will be offered alternative screening methods suitable to their circumstances.

February 24, Letter to Bennie G. Could it be that this has been hugely successful the Islamo-fascists? Even if the impeachment was done for a of reason of lying under oath. Naked women with hot boobs. Airport naked scanner. Perhaps the most notable and debated professional opinion in regard to the safety of scanners is the so-called "Holdren Letter" from a number of world-renowned biochemists and biophysics researchers from the University of California to the Assistant to the US President for Science and Technology, Dr.

High dose-rate exposure has been shown to cause greater damage than the same radiation dose delivered at lower rates. Almost kinda statist, if you ask me. WTF is wrong with you people? The truth really is stranger than fiction. British authorities barred the use of scanners for travelers under 18 for fear of violating child pornography laws.

Read more on the Sun. Given the small amount of risk, it's just not worth the time and money we're spending on it.

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